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W219 Chiari Slate Print Shirt

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Our designers found the perfect shirt to wear with your black or dark grey bottoms. Superb detailing featuring triple stitching, custom buttons and contrast stitch details. Medium collar and a classic shaped fit. Cotton.

    Chiari Slate Print Shirt

    • Triple stitching.
    • Soft cotton fabric.
    • Medium spread collar.
    • Classic shaped fit.
    Size Chart

    Helpful Hints:

    I am 5' 9", weigh 170 pounds with a slim to medium build.  The Marcello classic shaped fit in size Medium fits me perfect.  I do prefer a size Large for the tees and polos for a relaxed, slightly off the shoulder fit.

    I am 6' 2", weigh 210 pounds with a medium build.  I do have a medium sized belly.  The Marcello classic shaped fit in size Large fits me perfect, but is not loose.  I like my polo and tees to fit comfortable to loose and choose size XL.

    W219 Chiari Slate Print - Marcello Sport

    W219 Chiari Slate Print Shirt