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W044 Denim Neat

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Our exclusive cotton microfiber fabric is light weight, soft hand feeling and easy care.  It feels great on!  This simple pattern with contrast trim fabric works well in any environment.  Medium collar, custom buttons, classic shaped fit.

Denim Neat

  • Deep ruby coloration with cool accent fabric.
  • Medium spread collar and custom matched buttons.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Classic Shaped fit.
Size Chart

Helpful Hints:

I am 5' 9", weigh 170 pounds with a slim to medium build.  The Marcello classic shaped fit in size Medium fits me perfect.  I do prefer a size Large for the tees and polos for a relaxed, slightly off the shoulder fit.

I am 6' 2", weigh 210 pounds with a medium build.  I do have a medium sized belly.  The Marcello classic shaped fit in size Large fits me perfect, but is not loose.  I like my polo and tees to fit comfortable to loose and choose size XL.

W044 Denim Neat - Marcello Sport

W044 Denim Neat