Better Dressed Men Get Better Service

Well Dressed Men

Get Better Service

We at Marcello have been saying for decades that dressing well not only makes a man feel better and other people notice. Recently Dae-Young Kim, an associate professor of hospitality management in the MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, and his doctoral student, Kathleen Kim, have found that restaurant servers often use stereotypes to determine which customers will leave better tips.

In their survey of 222 current and former restaurant servers, they found that regardless of race, well-dressed men were identified as more likely to leave good tips, while casually dressed men were seen as the least likely of any group to leave good tips.

Most Justin Harvey customers already knew this intuitively, but now there is a study that proves it. Dressing well has so many benefits, feeling better about yourself, being more attractive and now better service at restaurants!

For any man going out, looking your best for your wife or date is important but the benefit of better service at dinner not only is good for himself but also boosts his appearance to those he is dining with.

Test it for yourself, go out to a favorite restaurant wearing an outfit consisting of items that you think don't look good and are very casual and pay attention to the way the staff respond to you. Does the hostess smile at you and immediately? Is the waiter/waitress attentive and friendly. Listen to the words they use when speaking to you and their body language. The next night go to the same restaurant wearing an outfit that you really look good in, more dressy than casual, and see what happens.

Many years ago we did a similar exercise at stores and found that being better dressed caused the staff to be more attentive. We also found that the more expensive the store the more noticeably the staff were more attentive. The reason behind this phenomenon is pretty simple, a sales person in a store or a waitress/waiter has limited time and energy and are trying to maximize their return on spending that time and energy. A well dressed man is assumed to be a bigger tipper at dinner and bigger spender in a store.

A good rule of thumb when choosing an outfit is "It's better to be the best dressed man in the room than the worst". Of course a man should wear jeans and a tee shirt to a cookout, but they don't have to be your old ripped jeans and faded "I'm With Stupid" tee shirt. A crisp pair of lightweight jeans and a designer tee shirt are just as comfortable and look far better.