Lightweight Jeans – Not just for summer


Light Weight Jeans     

With Spring in the air and summer around the corner, a great pair of light weight jeans can keep a man comfortable and looking great without burning up in the heat. Marcello Sport has made lightweight jeans that are a game changer, the Marcello Sport LP2000 Denim Jeans.

All men love jeans. Jeans are a staple of every man’s wardrobe, we will wear them with almost anything and they look good.  In the summer many traditional jeans are a bit hot, but men wear them anyway.

Today there are lots of jeans that are labeled “lightweight” and for the most part they are lighter in weight than traditional jeans, but that does not necessarily mean the jeans are not as hot on your skin because often the lightweight denim has too much synthetic fabrics mixed into the cotton to reduce weight and give some stretch and makes the denim hold more heat.

Marcello’s goal was to create light weight jeans that look traditional, feel like jeans and fit men comfortably. They dissected what goes into a good fitting pair of jeans: the fabric content, the fabric weight, the leg sizing, the waist sizing, the front rise, the back rise, the inseam, the leg opening, the knee opening etc… to come up with a the LP2000 jeans.

The design experts at Marcello Sport identified the ideal lightweight denim weight. Denim is measured in ounces, like most textiles used in clothing. It’s usually much heavier than wool or finer cotton weaves. That gives it sturdiness, but also makes it warmer in the summer. Traditional denim jeans use cloth that weighs between 8 and 13 ounces per yard. That’s thick enough to be tough, but not too stiff. Anything above 16 oz. is getting into one of two niche markets: truly rugged work-wear for men who punish their jeans severely, and monstrously thick “raw denim” designed to fade and crease in dramatic patterns. You don’t want to wear either of them in hot weather if you can help it.

Marcello LP2000 jeans weigh just 6 - 8 ounces per yard, 30%-40% lighter than traditional jeans, and actually feel better than some khakis and chinos in the summer. Trousers in a very tight cotton weave can actually be more stifling than jeans made from denim an ounce or two heavier, simply because of the airflow. Denim is a fairly breathable weave.

Most men want a bit of stretch in the jeans without sacrificing the look and feel of denim. In order to achieve this the LP2000 jeans are 98% cotton with 2% Lycra, just enough to give a bit of stretch and allow the cotton to breath and still have all the character of a heavier material. The bit of stretch makes the LP2000 jeans incredibly comfortable for men of varying shapes and sizes.

When the LP2000 first arrived we were impressed.
We decided to give the jeans to our employees in order to get first hand opinions and the response was a resounding “Best jeans ever!”. Even our most difficult to fit individuals were impressed that the jeans actually fit them comfortably and looked great.

"Wow, I've never had jeans fit this well"
 - David - tech team (tall, lean build)

"These fit perfect and are so lightweight, can I keep them?"
 - Glicky - design team (average height, athletic build)

"Why aren't all jeans this comfortable?"
- Jason - inventory control (average height, heavy build)

Now that the weather is getting warmer it’s time to try a pair of lightweight jeans to experience the difference. We have many customers that try the Marcello LP2000 as summer jeans and come back to buy every color and wear them all year round.

Marcello Sport has taken their obsession with great quality and design and produced the best men’s lightweight jeans with the perfect fit. Available in Denim, Navy and Black.